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Jolly mannequins-Female Yoga mannequins-One-Legged Upward Bow-YG-2

one leg up handstand yoga pose mannequin-YG-2 by Jolly mannequins YG-2 is a profesissonal yoga popular pose mannequin which you could see from LULULEMON logo. we do have our own copyright of all our collections yoga mannequins. we sculpt and decide the sizes, the bodies, the muscles, the shapes of all the sport mannequins.


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YG-2 has a best shape for the yoga sports wear with the chest 86cm.
This chest size is the most use for M size sport bras.
we try with both H&M sports line, and also LULUEMON, Enlite bra, which our YG-2 can display perfectly.
the shoulder fittings we use for YG-2 is magnets which could attach easily and take off easily when you wear the clothes for a complicated pose mannequin as YG-2.
and the handstand pose with the magnetic fittings could make the mannequin stand stable in your shop.
the leg size is about 1.1cm. total mannequin height is 185cm.
you could see the detail from the mannequin, such as the muscle as a sport mannequin.
satin chrome is for the hand to stand on.
mostly we use the light grey color or dark grey color for the . YG-2 on picture is using our most popular light grey color.
minimum order quantity: 10pcs/model.
standard export package is supplied


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