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Headless mannequins, from the words, you could know that this category is for the mannequins without head.
as a mannequins factory, we could make all our mannequins headless or without head for you.
headless mannequins even all is without head, but for the without head style, we do have different styles for your option.
and some clients also like to put some covers on the head part. for us you could choose, metal, wood, or the cover with fabric.
the head part shape could be flat, and some would be with the angles as you check our products pictures.
generally if you see one mannequin we give you is with head, and you want it to be headless or without head, with 20 pcs quantity, we could do it headless for you.
cause it's not just cutting the head, we need make a mold for the new mannequin which do costs money and lots of work.
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