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JOLLYDISPLAY is a premier, leading ,anufacturer,exporter of mannequins.

Our mannequins include fibreglass mannequins,plastic mannequins, inflatable mannequins, fabric cover mannequins(torso&full body fabric cover), paper mache mannequins.

All our mannequins are sold abroad and distributed by our honored clients through the world for all kinds of clothing display for stores, shopping malls, boutiques.

We offer the customized mannequins service which means that with only one picture and your request on the size of the mannequins, we could sculpt it and produce it to be a real mannequin.

Our mannequin sculptor is experienced and professional.

If you are a distributor of mannequins, we have different standard mannequins from economy to luxury for your selection.

If you are a fashion company who wants mannequins for your chain stores, we could develop for you of your own line mannequin.

If you are a retailer of mannequins, we have wholesale service department who could help you do the container consolidation to mix the mannequins with other products you want to save the cost for you.

Our fibreglass mannequins is made with fine fibreglass fibre which you could see in our workshop which is high quality that makes the fibrglass mannequins strong enough from being easily damaged.

The standard Pu paint we use for the fibreglass mannequins are supplied by the famous paint factory here in china. If you need special paint, you could let us know your requirement on the paint.

The fittings of our mannequins are mainly chrome. All our mannequins have calf and foot fittings, except some special design mannequin.

Our mannequins package are good enough for the long distance export delivery.

If you have special requirement for the package, the mannequin package could be upgraded with extra charge. We have some choices for you which we always use.

The plastic mannequins we sell are made with PP OR PE material which you could easily know them from the different prices.

The plastic mannequins are definitely eco- friendly and unbreakable.

Different colors are available from chrome to original white classic color of the plastic mannequins.

The fabric cover mannequins are made with fine fabric and the fibreglass material which you cant use the needles on the body or the inflatable one which you could put the needles on the mannequins body.

The fabric material colors and kinds could be customized, and we also have standard, popular choices for you.

JOLLYDISPLAY has around 150 workers here in our factory to work on the mannequins which can assure that 40000pcs mannequins could be smoothly made every year.

We have perfect lead time for the mannequins, and also if you have urgent delivery order of the mannequins, we could catch your time.

Welcome to the mannequins world of Jolly.