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      JOLLYDISPLAY is a premier,leading manufacturer,exporter of mannequins. Our mannequins include fibreglass mannequins,plastic mannequins,inflatable mannequins,fabric cover mannequins(torso&full body fabric cover),paper mache mannequins. All our mannequins are sold abroad and distributed by our honored clients through the world for all kinds of clothing display for stores,shopping malls,boutiques.
We offer the customized mannequins service which means that with only one picture and your request on the size of the mannequins,we could sculpt it and prouduce it to be a real mannequins.

Exclusive Distributor for Jolly mannequins policy
As a mannequin factory, we are always looking for exclusive distributor for different markets.
Our distributor could get better price, and quick delivery time, customized mannequins service, etc.
To be our mannequins distributor, we have some requirements.
We have quantity request on the annual buy. After one year cooperation, we need see how many mannequin you buy from us, then we decide whether you could be our distributor in your market.
Generally Requirement on quantity for exclusive agent for one market is 4000 pcs, about 10 containers 40hq.
2. NO client from the market previously
For all clients, we treat them fairly.
If we already have clients from the market, we could not make you as exclusive distributor even if there’s big quantity.
Hiring mannequins service for asian countries
For giving our clients more flexible service on mannequins, for clients we just use mannequins randomly or no warehouse for mannequins, we supply the hiring mannequins service for Asian countries, especially China mainland, HONGKONG, MACAU, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA.
But for hiring mannequins, we have fixed models for you to choose.
And our clients must pay the shipment cost, etc
For detail, please kindly talk with us with or skype: jollydisplay , whatsapp:+8613916379377
Mannequins Categories by Jolly Mannequins
By mannequins material: fibreglass mannequins
Plastic mannequins including PP material mannequins, PE material mannequins, Abs Mannequins By Gender: Male Mannequins,Female mannequins,Child Mannequins
By Quality: Luxury Mannequins
Standard Mannequins
Economy Mannequins(cheap mannequins)
By Colors: white, Black ,Silver Grey Ivory, Gold, etc(Both matte and glossy colors for mannequins)
By Mannequins style: Realistic mannequins with makeup
Egghead&Abstract head mannequins
Plus size mannequins
Sexy Mannequins
Face changing mannequins
Sport Mannequins
Ghost mannequins
Soft mannequins
Adjustable dress forms
By Body Type: Fully body mannequins, Leg forms, Torsos, Trunk
Wholesale mannequins at best price by Jolly mannequins
Jolly mannequins not only an OEM and ODM mannequins factory which supplies mannequins to big distributors and big brands.
We do have the wholesale mannequins sale for the mannequins retailers and who has one boutique or several shops only needs wholesale mannequins.
Mannequins has big volume which maybe would not be so worth to buy several pieces from china to long distance countries such as Europe or America. But if you need, we do sell and we do give you the best price mannequins in the market which could make us deserve that you buy the mannequins from so far place.
` For the fibreglass mannequins, we need 15days for a whole sale order less than 30pcs, minimum quantity 5pcs/model.
For the plastic mannequins, we have stock which is always available, but cause of the stock policy here, we need 5-7 days to pack the mannequins, or paint the colors as you want with the fittings you like.
For Asian countries clients, you are always welcome to talk with us for the wholesale mannequin orders.