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Small quantity custom mannequins order accepted for better shipping rates to Europe, USA, RECP countries

Date:2021-01-29 09:56:39

Jolly mannequins starts working with new shipment handling partners for Europen countries and USA, RECP countries.
As all our old clients know, before we seldom accept the small orders because the shipment cost is several times more than the mannequins cost.
with working with the new carrier partner, we do have more acceptable shipment rates than previous shipment cost quotation.jolly mannequins supplies custom mannequins production service
you are welcome to enquiry us for the small orders even for your one store display.
we also have moe products to come out for 2021 of the store display fixtures. you could mix them together with the mannequins for your store display if you plan to have a new retail store decoration.
for updated information of our mannequins, store fixtures, shop fittings, you could add our whatsapp:+8613916379377
or follow our instagram searching jollymannequins or our facebook business page: or jollymannequins.
for shipment, we would use air shipment+UPS/FEDEX( for local shipment service in your countries).
Generally for USA OR EUROPEN countries(Including UK/NORTH IRELAND, SCOTLAND), you could get your cargo in 15days, and for RECP countries, including Australia, Newzealand, you could get generally in 10 days.


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