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home decor animal figure statues supplied 2021 by Jolly mannequins

Date:2021-02-18 11:47:52

2020 was tough for the retail business, but even harder for the suppliers and exporters as us who supply the retail store fixtures and shop fittings, especially mannequins.

for making a better year of 2021, we start to produce the home decor animal figure statues which is not our main business in last years.

we have some designed animal figures and statues which are for the stores use, such as the gold chrome dog display figure we make for Tod's for Dog's year.

this year, 2021, if you have any ideas to buy the rabbit , dogs, cats, or special cartoon figures, you could check our products category:

Maybe you could find here some interested figures for your stores or your home decor.

some products we have the stock available, and some models as before, we still need the MOQ for production.

for detail, you could talk with our sales team with or with whatsapp:+8613916379377.

if you want to get the updated information time by time, you could follow us on pinterest:        or instagram:

happy chinese new year.

wish you all have a perosperous ox's year.

jolly mannequins home decor 4 chrome colors bull dog animal figure

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