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if you are a mannequins factory, what would be the most necessary service and make you unique? the answer is mannequins sculpture(clay sculpture).
as a mannequins factory, we do have our mannequins sculpture team which could make your ideas on the mannequins to be a real mannequins or a mannequins collection.
mannequins sculpture is not a only the first step what we think about sculpture.
it is a whole process which make a picture or a idea to be a mannequin, a fibreglass mannequin or a plastic mannequin.
from the first preparition work such as to have a picture of the mannequin, which could be a photo from internet or a sketch you draw by yourself. and the second step is to give a
all the mannequin parts a size which make it a mannequin. the third step would be the sculptor to do their work, and the most important thing is to have the metal mannequin support
which you could put the clay on. then the next work would be put the clay on the manneuin sport. after you could see a clay mannequin, the next part work would be really important
which clay is different from fibreglass, you must have a fibreglass mold from the clay. what you do next would be the work on the fibreglass mannequin.
for one mannequin sculpture, it would take our sculptor 2-3 days, and the next steps would take about 15days so you could know that to be a mannequin is clay sculpture technic that the sculptor could help you,
and to be  a fine mannequin which needs experienced mannequins workers to make your work done.