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JOLLYDISPLAY is a mannequins factory which produces all kinds of mannequins. but sport mannequins as a most popular mannequin category, jollydisplay does have several sports categories sport mannequins such as atheletic male mannequins, atheletic female mannequins, running male and female mannequins, yoga female mannequins, football(soccer) male mannequins, ballet female mannequins, diving mannequins, skating male and female mannequins, basketball playing mannequins. our basketball playing mannequins category has more than 10 poses with basketball playing motions such as jump shot,dunk,lay-up,diving to the hopp mannequin pose, slam dunk mannequin pose,fade away mannequin pose, dribble mannequin pose. welcome to the mannequins factory JOLLYDISPLAY if you need a baksetball playing mannequin.
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