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Egghead Mannequins

JOLLY- female egghead mannequin RPF-2 color #104 matte

RPF-2 is a female egghead mannequin with PU painted factory color card: #104.


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RPF-2 is our RPF egghead female mannequin.

She has straight arms and open straight legs which could be mostly used for the windows.

Or you could mix her with some other narrow distance legs mannequins to be used in stores.

RPF egghead is jolly’s most popular egghead and we also have another male egghead RPM which has the same style and shape of the mannequin head.

We have lots of models which use the RPF head, and all our mannequins could have the RPF mannequin egghead if our clients want.

RPF-2 has our factory’s color card no: #104 which is a kind of mud grey color.

Nowadays jolly makes RPF-2 most with the colors, white matte or white glossy.

You could see Zara’s store display, they use the similar mannequins as our RPF collection including RPF-1.

Glass base or metal base, or powder coated mannequin base are optional.

Both calf fittings for shoes wearing and the foot rod are supplied.




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