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Abstract Mannequins

Jolly mannequins-Abstract female mannequins-Alix-17

female sitting mannequin with nice abstract head--Alix


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Alix-17 is one of the sitting mannequin of our female abstract mannequin ALIX serial.
Alix-17 is as other alix sisters, which have a nice alix head popular in European market.
the sitting pose alix-17 has is with two legs open, and the head up with some angles.
two arms put relaxingly on the open legs which make her look not only relaxing but also sexy.
All our Alix models have two pair hands, realistic mannequin hands and abstract mannequin hands.
if you look for an abstract sitting mannequin, just see our ALIX-18 if you have enough space for your window or your stores.
the color we use on ALIX-17 is generally matt white, matt grey and white glossy, black blossy. these colors are the most slected colors which our clients use.
you could also have one good quality fiberglass made stook for ALIX-17 only with 5 usd extra cost.
Minimum order quantity: 5pcs/model/color


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