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Mannequins legs and foot forms

Jolly mannequins- 2018 best selling retail store use fiberglass female lower body display mannequin leg form HT-5F

mannequin leg form


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JBF-1 as a female black fiberglass leg form which has the straight mannequin leg shape and standing pose.

You could choose to use with the foot fitting or calf fitting which decides by you want to wear the shoes or without shoes.

For the base, we suggest our clients to use the metal base for all kinds of mannequin leg forms which would be more stable and more safety.

You can use a single BF-1 mannequin leg form to display the pants, skirts, bikinis, sport trousers, etc, or several pcs to be a group to express your display style. 

Furthermore, jolly mannequins has a variety of male and female mannequin display leg forms, torsos for you to select.

If you dont like our available mannequins models, as a , we supply custom service which you could choose the mannequin and show us the style of the leg form you request, we could make for you.

For the custom display mannequin leg form service, minimum quantity request: 20pcs/model.

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