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Jollydisplay mannequins production being postponed cause of coronavirus

Date:2020-01-30 11:05:13

Dear friends and clients,

we feel so sorry that our mannequins production would be postponed by the order from the government.

though our town has no person infected by coronavirus which is originated from WUHAN, our government considers about the possibility of the infection, all the factories are informed not to work before Feb 9,2020.

what would be ne the next further step? we are not so sure now. with the notice, we need wait for the updated information.

our production plan is started from Feb 9, but with this notice, all our workers can't come back by Feb 9.

if the situation of the coronavirus infection is totally controlled, our production would start around Feb 20,2020.

for solving all the possible problems and having a good channel to get notice from government, our office already start work from today, Jan 30 earlier.

any client who has urgent issues just send email to us or talk with us on skype, whatsapp, even leave message to us on our facebook or instagram.




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