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Jolly mannequins eco friendly rattan made mannequins bust form torsos in production 2020.04.20

Date:2020-04-20 16:53:30

as all our clients know, the retail industry is badly damaged by the covid-19.

but the life should carry on as our business does.

we have more clients who are looking for the eco friendly mannequins. the material plastic , pu can't satisfy all the clients now.

jolly mannequins start produce the rattan and grass models, which are 100% eco friendly, and you don't need consider about the recyle issue.

now we have severa models bust forms, female and male.

as mannequins manufacturer, we supply custom service with the models, and specs you offer, we could make the rattan mannequins torso bust forms, and grass mannequins only for you.

welcome to talk with us  and follow us on instagram and twitter.

wish you keep safe and healthy.


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