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Jolly mannequins chrome faces shield mask mannequins collection launched.

Date:2018-02-08 14:58:03

Looking for the facial change look mannequins for sale? 
Jolly mannequins has a new line male mannequins egghead collection with changing face shield masks.The mannequin faces shields are fibreglass chrome which shows the high standard of the mannequins.
               [gold color mannequin changing face shield]                              [silver and gold chrome metal mannequin face shield]   
Various egghead mannequins poses for your choice.
Each male mannequin has two kinds of different face shield mask.
One is the same as the mannequin body color, black matt color, and another kind if gold chrome or silver chrome as the pictures you see.    
                                                                     JOLLY MANNEQUINS   
                                  [Jolly mannequins face changing mannequins with different mannequin face shields mask]
 We also supply the water print effect face shields with wooden surface look.You are welcome to talk with us for detail.    

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