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jolly mannequins Chinese new year 2021 holiday notice of factory

Date:2020-12-14 15:50:10

Dear All clients,

the hard 2020 would pass soon, and for us, we would have another New year.

during the 2020 Chinese new year holiday or long time after the holiday, we did nothing except staying at home because of the covid-19.

now we would welcome a new start of 2021, and here we send all our best wishes to our clients and friends, and all the people on this planet.

we do have good forecast on 2021 because the covid-19 vaccine is coming to use.

though we don't have any infected covid-19 case in our county, our business is damaged by the virus.

not only our business, but also all the retail and fashion industry are influenced a lot.

anyway, we woud use our 100% efforts for the next year.
if you have new orders in the future for us, please kindly note our shut down timeline of the 2021 chinese new year holiday.

jolly mannequins 2021 chinese new year holiday notice


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