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Tips on how to find the right mannequin that you are looking for on Jolly mannequins website in short time.

Date:2018-03-13 08:52:08

AS a mannequin factory, we do have more than 400models poses mannequins including full body mannequins, torsos, leg forms, . And cause of our custom service, we have much more models than you see here.

How to find what you are looking for in short time on our website without losing your temper?

1. If you are not so sure which pose you want, you just search the wide range of the mannequins, such as, realistic, or full body, or torso, or bust, etc. By that, you would see a list of all the mannequins with the key words on our website.

2. If you are clearly about what you are looking for, you could search realistic with makeup, sculpture hair makeup, the more detail keywords will help you to see the exactly mannequins category you are looking for.

3. If you see our mannequins on other websites which are with our model code number, dont hesitate to search it with the model number. You could see exactly the mannequin you are looking for.

Wish that you could have a joyful buying experience on mannequins with Jolly mannequins. We would reply to you within 24 hours.

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