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News--Use egghead or abstract mannequins for your window

Date:2017-09-28 17:58:02

Use egghead or abstract mannequins for your windows or store display, you are In.

Lots of clients come to us and ask which model is the most popular and which mannequins would be the most fashionable these days that the other visual windows or stores display use?

With Jolly mannequins sales data, egghead mannequins and the abstract models are the most sale ones.

So use the egghead or the abstract mannequins for your windows or in store display would be the easiest way to select your mannequins.

You could click our egghead mannequins, abstract mannequins or best selling mannequins categories, where you could find them.

Also here with the news, you could see some selected models we sell well in European market, straight arms and straight legs models which are both good for the in store fixtures arrangement or window display which could save lots of space for you.

You could choose to have one or two of them, or even a group of them such as H&M, Zara,Urban Revivo, Uniqlo. All of them use group of egghead mannequins and abstract manenquins painted glossy or matte white color.

1. Abstract mannequins for zara window use



2.white glossy egghaed mannequins for Uniqlo visual window display

JOLLY MANNEQUINS of abstract mannequins for H&M in store display


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