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Jolly Mannequins new full body PAPER MACHE dress forms PMU-1 and PMD-1 are launched

Date:2017-12-06 18:01:09


PMU-1 and PMD-1 are two models we just launch with fine paper and good hand work to put on the firbreglass mannequin body from the head to the toe.

We think hat they are vintage styles cause they are with with amazing warm paper color which is a little light brown.

The two poses are strictly selected from hundreds of mannequins poses which we do believe that they would be popular in the market.

With all hand work, the price is not affordable for all kinds of clients. If you need something unique, luxury, splendid for your stores, you could talk with us.

If you want these two styles with fabric cover, we could also do the work for you, and prices would be cheaper than the paper mache work ones.

Want mannequins special, high level? Please contact Jolly mannequins with your ideas.


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