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How to use Jolly mannequins female ghost mannequin GHW-1?

Date:2017-09-26 16:24:39

Some of clients are searching the ghost mannequins on the website, and sometimes are really confused about how to use the ghost mannequins which have different styles, types, fittings.

Jolly mannequins ghost mannequins are must be the easiest mannequins to assemble and use cause we use the magnetic fittings for our ghost mannequins.

You just hold the different parts of the mannequins to right direction, the magnetic fittings will help you to assemble them easily.

If you are wondering, how the pictures you take will look like after you use Jolly mannequins ghost mannequins, just click the pictures below, you would see the detail.

1. see here how different parts of the ghost mannequins with the invisible parts would work with the different styles of clothes you want to take pictures for. Low V cut t shirt, Deep V cut night dresses, crops.. every single style clothes you want to take pictures. Just use the different parts of the GHW-1.

2.See here how would the pictures look after you take them with the ghost mannequin GHW-1 after your little photoshop work.

Dont hesitate to contact Jolly mannequins for the ghost mannequins, and for sure, we have thousands of other styles mannequins for your choice.