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Buying mannequins tips from jolly mannequins for clients with urgent delivery request with small quantity

Date:2018-03-13 08:33:36

Jolly mannequins is a who is producing the mannequins generally with the orders.

We have different material mannequins for our clients to select.

Generally our mannequins are with fibreglass and plastic material.

2. For plastic PP mannequins, standard male, female egghead, abstract head, skin color, original white, etc, we do stock. If you have urgent delivery time request, you could consider about to buy the plastic mannequins. We could ship out in 7 days for you if you need paint. If no paint colors, we could ship out 4 -5days cause of the bases, fittings, etc.


4. All our mannequins could have custom colors service with minimum order quantity request.

Hope that you could find your favorite mannequins for your store or window visual display from Dont hesitate to talk with us if you have any questions or ideas on mannequins. We would reply to you in 12 hours.