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Your choice: to dump the used dress form or renew them?

Date:2021-07-09 16:42:12

In recent days, because of the Covid-19, we found that some clients start to buy the second hand used .

if you are a second hand dress form buyer, are you satisfied with the second hand dress form that you buy? do you want to make it new with the second hand you have?

If you have a second hand dress form, and you could not resell them? will you dump them or renew them?

if your dress form is too old style for your stores display, want some new fresh elements on the dress forms?

whether you are a chanin stores that have lots of stock dress forms or you only have a dress form in hand, check the 4 points of making a new dress form, and maybe you could get some ideas.

as we know, the dress forms have several main parts.

1. fabric--the clothing of the dress form, and which maybe is the hardest part for you to find replacement  clothing for only 1 piece dress form.

2. the heads/neck part  

3. the bases

4. the wooden arms--for the wooden arms, some dress forms have and some don't have. and this is the part that could be long time used if you have the wooden models. if your dress forms have the plastic arms, it's up to the quality the wooden arms you have.

for all the 4 points, come here to Jolly mannequins, we have solutions for you.

1. fabric--- you could give us size, and for the replacement, we would give you some material more elastic, and you put on the body, then do the final sewing by yourself.

2. the heads/neck part--our standard replacement of the dress form eggheads, neck size: male 11cm, female:9cm. and for the neck covers, metal or wooden, we generally also have the two sizes.

you could measure and let us know.

3. the bases-- if your base is not that messy, you could keep use it becaue the base is too heave that makes the shipment cost too much. if you want them to be 100% new in store, you could replace. come and talk with us/

4. wooden arms-we always have the stock with different colors.

of course, after you get the quotation from us for the dress form parts, you prefer to have a new one, come back to us agin, we have more than 30 models available for your choice.

if you can't understand the 4 points 100%, you could  see the pictures of our Dress form Fiona, and check point by point.

welcome to talk with our sales team: or add our whatsapp:+8613916379377 to talk with us.

jolly mannequins female dress form Fiona

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