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Jolly mannequins-transparent fibreglass plexi mannequins in production

Date:2019-12-31 15:38:02

In the last day of 2019 and for a good start of 2020, we jolly mannequins announces that we would supply our clients mass production plexi transparent fibreglass mannequins.

the mannequins are still made with the fibreglass resin.

but unlike the average fibreglass mannequins painted you see in market, our transparent mannequins are worked with special technic to be transparent, clear.

on the pictures, you see we do them with the transparent clear, transparent black matt color, transparent black glossy color.

if you want to have a try or you are a specialist on the window design, store visual, or you are a visual merchandiser who's looking for new things for your chain stores, just talk with us freey.

we supply the custom service on the colors and service.jolly mannequins transparent mannequins

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