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the sport mannequins that the branded sports wear stores introduce to their stores in Tier-4 cities

Date:2020-08-17 18:00:53

the that the branded sports wear stores introduce to their stores in Tier-4 cities 

China is a huge market for sports wear.

But china is too different up to different regions.

for understanding our blog about the mannequins in 4-tier cities, it's better to read the following link first about the definition of the cities tiers in china.

it would be more helpful.

Our factory locates in a small county which population is less than 1 million.

It's not even a balance store sports mannequins in xuyi

in the city tier classification, almost all the cities which are not in the first 3 tiers, would be the Tier-4 cities.

so we loate in a Tier-4 cities.

We study all the branded sports wear stores, and find which kind of mannequins they introduce to the Tier-4 cities.

First of all, all the sports wear stores in the Tier-4 stores,  there's no direct store.

All the stores are agents stores that you must pay the money to use the name.

Second, the agents don't have any right to decorate their store.

The store fittings, including the mannequins are a pack that you need buy from the brands.

Third all the stores don't have a window, of course only the big stores could have the mannequins with the windows to display.

Even in shanghai, some of the remote stores such as Pullbear, they use the used mannequins to display their new season clothing(ok, it's another store).

Fourth, all the stores almost have the same color mannequins, whatever you are Peak, Adidas, or Nike.

in china, for sports mannequins, there are several popular colors.

Fifth, They use pair sports mannequins, there's a male mannequin, and there's a female mannequin, whether they are athletic or running.

Sixth, most of the stores like to use the running mannequins with different running movement poses.

if you have any ideas that want to share, you could send mail to to talk with us for the window mannequins, window display or the clothing market in china.

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