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The perfect choice for men wear store display-Male abstract mannequin Mex-12

Date:2021-07-27 15:10:45

The perfect choice for men wear store display-Male abstract mannequin Mex-12

whether you are a men wear chain stores or a men wear boutique, the easiest and best display fixture that you could use must be a male mannequin.

as a mannequins manufacturer, we mainly served the distributors for our mannequins production request that we need big quantity for single models.

we seldom show our clients how our mannequins displayed in the stores and windows.

we have more than 50+ models male mannquins with realistic face, abstract face, egghead face, headless, with different poses.

for the male abstract mannequin, our MEX collection is the best seller.

For Mex collection, we have about 10poses with both realistic hands and abstract hands.

with the different hands, MEX also has the different visual effect for men wear display.

Our MEX now is displayed in different stores.

Please see how MEX-12 works in the men wear store.

The store uses more than 10 pcs MEX-12 with realistic hands, gray color for their autumn/winter season display.

MEX-12 wears different clothing in the store. Some Mex-12 has jeas pants with Bomber jacket. Some Mex-12 wears the sneakers on foot, and the suits on body.

He is good for all styles men wear display.

if you want different poses of Mex, please check our website with searching Mex or just leave us a message, we would contact you with detail.

Mex-12 with realistic hands for suits displayMEX-12 with bomber jacket and suits for display

Male abstract mannequin MEX-12


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