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Straight legs and Straight arms mannequins-Every time, Every Space mannequins

Date:2020-05-15 19:29:02

Straight legs and Straight arms mannequins-Every time, Every Space mannequins

If a mannequin is needed, which mannequin would be the first style that pop up into your mind?

for most of the visual merchandisers and retail store designers, the mannequin must be the straight legs and straight arms mannequins.

if you don't believe in us, you could wonder around, and check all the stores, 80% stores are using them.

On May 14, 2020, me and my colleague, we shopped around IAPM shanghai, and as mannequins manufacturer, we are also shocked by what we see.

we make about 30000pcs mannequins per year during peak time, but we never have the data which kinds of mannequins would be the best seller.

we always define the mannequins with the faces that our clients prefer, such as abstract, stylized, faceless, realistic, etc.

with the poses, we find the one, Straight legs and straight arms pose.

we took some pictures from Versace, Sandro, Moncler, and Gucci.

They are different styles such as with abstract mannequins face, Versace and Sandro use.

Moncler, we could not see the face clearly, and Gucci uses the velvet full body covered .

There's  no one is exception, and they are all straight legs and straight arms mannequins.

They would be never out dated, and with the retail store spaces you have, you could choose different styles from the foot distance of the mannequins to have different styles. some legs are a little bit closed and some lets are open.

we would make some collections for our clients to select and have ideas directly from our website which styles we can supply.

welcome to check our website later on.Sandro Window displayMoncler shanghai Ipam

Versace window display