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Jolly mannequins-playing basketball mannequins present for event of 2018 playoffs in lyon,france

Date:2018-06-21 09:59:53

    Jolly mannequins as a professional manufacturer and exporter has a full collections of playing basketball mannequins with different movements of basketball playing.

H-1, H-2, you could see them as Lay up, h-2, h-3, you could find that they are the slam dunk pose.

For free throw, we have H-4, and XM-3 with different sides pose. For posh up, we have H-5, and for dribbling we have, H-6 which this time play offs event in LYON our client select.

As a , we supply custom service, on the website, you could see H-6 both with headless style and egghead style.  When you buy more than 10pcs, you could have custom colors and custom mannequins heads services.

For the holding basketball still pose, we have both male Tom and female Tina for your selection.

Including basketball playing, if you are looking for other sports mannequins such as golf playing, runners with different running poses, all kinds of yoga mannequins poses, play badminton or basketball, jolly mannequins would be one of your choice.

Here you could see some pictures of our collections and Jolly mannequins H-6 on PLAYOFFS 2018 event in Lyon.






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