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Mannequins or body forms, Hugo Boss window tells us you the decision

Date:2020-07-06 16:49:47

As a store merchandiser or a retailer, maybe sometimes to display your clothing or decorate your window with the mannequins or fabric full body forms would be hard to decide.

Most of the time, we think that mannequins are more specific than the body forms cause that the mannequins heads can represent your design to the target customs directly.

The body forms don't have much variations on the body poses and the heads part.

But at the same time, the body forms is not only the tool for the window and store display, also it's a tool for the designer.

Which one is our final decision?

Maybe HUGO BOSS windows gives us the answer.

In the new HUGO BOSS windows, they don't use the faceless full body mannequins as they ususally do. 

Now what we see in their window and stores are the body forms with the fabric form torso and the fibreglass mannequins leg parts.hugo boss windows body forms

it's a mix blood product but it does have much more functions than you only use mannequins or the fabric body forms.

the body form upper torso with the gray cover fabric and the light gray flexible wooden arms which could have more display poses.

and the mannequins leg part poses have much more expression than the standard body forms which have no leg part or short leg part.

Every retailer has their own story to tell their target customers. Gucci uses the colored full body forms with the full body cover.

who do you think that it's better, Gucci or Hugo boss?

If you are a retailer or a chain store merchandiser, and you are interested to updated your store layout, you are always welcome to talk with us for the full body or the mannequins custom made projects.

maybe with the new project made of your ideas, we could have an anwer who is the better choice.


hugo boss body forms window

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