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Jolly mannequins is trying back to track

Date:2020-02-24 16:57:07

Today is Feb 24, and all the chinese people is battling with the corona virus over 30days.

As a factory with most of the workers which are not local people, we are still on hold.

but the situation is getting better.

In jiangsu province, the local people are allowed to go outside.

some big companies and factories are already back to work.

Jolly mannequins is also trying back to track.

we already apply for starting work, and now waiting for the process to go.

we feel so sorry for all the clients who have the orders here delayed, and we can't give you a precise delivery date which maybe makes you cost  more on the transporation.

and we are thankful to all the friends and clients who send us warm prays and heartful concerns.

we do hope that we could be right on track immediately.

on the blog end, it's our town's picture on Feb 24, 2020. most of the stores are still closed but more and more would be open.

the winter goes to end, and the spring is coming.

Jolly mannequins team

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