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Date:2020-01-13 16:27:06

AS mannequins manufacturer, our main task is to produce the original painted mannequins for our clients for most of the products.

For stylized kate, cause she is abstract and has a beautiful perfect face and head which is suitable for all kinds of styles makeup.

If you need her wearing a hat, then you dont bother to put on her a wig, a clear white face or a single eye black extra eyelashes would be enough.

If you need her wearing evening dresses with mature makeup, you could just put one piece of red lips paper on her, then she is as perfect as any young lady you see in new yorks nigh club.

For all this work, we could supply with the extra makeup service cost.

You are welcome to talk with us with your makeup concept on Kate collection or any other mannequins.

With our blog, we show you some pictures of the store pictures or window pictures for Kate with makeup.

If any picture is against your copyright, just contact us to delete itjolly mannequins kate with makeupjolly mannequins stylized mannequins makeuprealistic mannequins with makeup.

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