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how to choose the suitable fabric dress forms for your store?

Date:2020-07-16 15:37:55

how to choose the suitable fabric for your store?

Maybe as a merchandiser or a store owner, you sometimes would have this question popping up from your mind?

for us as a dress form producer, we also always ask our clients, which styles, what kind of accessories, bases, fabric, color, etc for your fabric dress forms?

It's hard to look for a perfect dress form, right?

so let's see how the luxury brands as Loewe, and Valentino choose their own fabric dress forms, and we could learn something from them.

we use the LOEWE and Valentino two Landmark stores as example to introduce some tips for you to choose thvalentino landmark store dress forms displaye dress forms.loewe landmark store dress forms displayvalentino landmark dress forms display

Maybe these dress forms are still not the perfect dress form you, but you could talk with jolly mannequins to get your perfect dress forms.

1. dress form styles, long or short dress torso, with leg or without leg?

Generally except the size element, the dress forms can be divided into two styles, long and short models. The long model would be with some leg part, and short one would not have the leg part.

both Loewe and valentino select the long torso dress forms. As we think, for the summer season, they both have the long dresses that need to do the retail display. For this reason, the long torso model with the leg part would be necessary.

2. dress form fabric choice

for jolly mannequins, we could supply our clients different kind of fabric. but the most popular fabric for EU client is always the natural linen. Even for natural linen, we have different colors for your choice.

For Loewe and Valentino, from the picture, we could see that they also select the linen as the fabric for their dress forms, but the texture is different. Valentino has some heavy texture that you could feel it strongly.

The colors are both light natural linen color.

3. dress form head

for the dress form head, mostly in the market, the heads would be egghead with different shapes.

Loewe uses the longer model egghead and Valentino's dress form is a bit short and round.

for both of the two styles dress forms heads, we both have similar. cause we don't make them, it's hard for us to check whether the egghead part is 100%  the same.

4. dress form flexbile wooden arms

It's not a coincidence that they both use the natural color wooden arms.

for us, the best selling wooden arms for Europen clients are also the natural color beech wooden arms.

The beech wooden arms have the beautiful wood texture, no scars, perfect!

If you use the light color fabric to do your dress form, beech wooden arms would be the perfect match. 

If your dress forms are used for the autumn-winter season, or you want them with colored fabric, the antique, white, black wooden arms could be your choice.

5.dress forms adjustable base

All the dress forms use the adjustable base.

Sure, you could choose to use the fixed height one if you want your dress forms more economy.

Loewe uses the black matt wheel base which you could move easily in your store. 

and as we all know, the wheel base is more expensive. The black matt is already a budget choice if you use a wheel base.

The bronze color wheelbase, the gold chrome, silver chrome, etc, you could all find with us. They are the luxury choice.

Valentino uses the round gold chrome base to put on their dress form.

The round base is cheaper, but gold chrome model is not. It has almost the same cost as the black matt wheel base.

Gold chrome shows the high quality standard of the dress forms.

In china market, gold color base is the most popular base. but for our export dress forms market, black color or the silver chrome color are the most popular colors.

we just list out the 5 key points that you could use to consider when you look for a dress form for sale.

For all these 5 key points, jolly mannequins give you different choices. For each point, you have your own choice, we put them together, then it would come out your perfect dress form.

welcome to talk with us sales team for your own custom perfect fabric dress forms.


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