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how coronavirus influences the small business as ours-mannequins manufacturer

Date:2020-03-26 18:11:39

In the early time of 2020, after the lockdown order was announced in china, most of kind clients, they are really worried about us.

lots of them send us comforting messages, and some of them worry about their orders to us.

but now, it's already March 26, we get back to work, we start to send messages to clients.

the bad news come to us one by one, such as some of our clients' companies start to cut off the budget, some just cancelled the orders.

on tv, the professional fiance people talk that it's much worse than the recession of 2008.

some of our partner factories, they already tell us that they would shut down after April.
for us, it's also devastating cause all our mannequins are 100% exported, and mainly to Europe and USA.

luckily we have some orders in hands to make us alive until June, or July.

we alread prepare well that if there's no new orders to coming in for the mannequins.

we read on twitter, and they are lots of criticizing words on china, chinese government.

as small business of mannequins, we  have no ability to defend chinese government.

we are back to work , but it's not easy for us.

we have strict rules to follow if you come back to production such as the quantity of the masks you should have, the protection solutions you should take.

all our workers need take NAT and CT check.

as a retail industry supplier, mannequisn producer, we are deeply influenced.

we do wish that all the people on the planet could enjoy the shopping as before soon whether in a corner boutique or their city, or in an internaltional big size shopping mall.

the bad time would go away, and let's pray.

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