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Higher level sport yoga mannequins standing bow poses introduced by Jolly in 2021

Date:2021-02-18 10:27:58

As all our clients now, we supply more than 10 poses yoga mannequins poses, but most of them are the basic yoga mannequins poses such as lotus poses, mainly basic sitting yoga poses mannequins.

in the beginning of 2021, and after chinese new year, if you are looking for a special yoga pose mannequin for your chain stores or your yoga studio with only 1 yoga poses, now jolly mannequins have more higher level yoga mannequins poses for your choice.

our JR01 and JR02 are the two models of the standing bow poses with different yoga movements.

and most important, for the two models, we have STOCK for you, white or black color, with the metal base as the pictures.

if you want a yoga mannequin, don't MISS JR01 and JR02, we can assure that they are the yoga mannequin that you are looking for whether you are from USA, or Europe, or Asia because both them of them have the perfect body size and the beautiful and vivid yoga pratictising poses.

welcome to talk with us our sales team for the detail. if you have stock, generally you could have the mannequins shipped in 5 days.

we have our mannequins in stock means that we have made RAW in stock without paint, we would paint them with the white or black color for your choice.

after  mannequin painting, we need 1-2 days for them to dry, then pack them.


jolly mannequins sport yoga mannequins standing bow poses JR01 and Jr02


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