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Dress your wigs store with mannequin heads as Rebecca

Date:2020-10-14 16:23:52

Who's the successful wigs seller in china? Definitely ''REBECCA''.

REBECCA has more than 200 stores around in china, and they also have big sale for wigs around the world.

They change the chinese ideas on WIGS. Wigs could be fashionable, trendy, and you could change your wigs  for different social opportunities.

China Daily even wrote one article about REBECCA, with title: REBECCA'S HAIR RASING SUCCESS.

But how REBECCA could be so popular? Why REBECCA is easily accepted for people to buy wigs?

we have a look into their stores dressing.

With example of P66 plaza in shanghai, Rebecca has a retail store there.wigs store rebecca with mannequin head dressing

The store is simple decorated, the main store fixture of the store is MANNEQUIN HEADS.

All the wigs sellers use mannequin heads for their own wigs stores.

but nobody use as many mannequin heads as Rebecca uses.

Each wig style has their own mannequin display head.

The mannequin head for wigs is not complicated, mainly just simple white color abstract model more than 30 pieces. for this model,you could find with jolly:

they have the black lashes for the HD-Y, simple.

and among the white display mannequin head, there are several pieces colored suede mannequin head with adjustable antique base. The colors they select for the suede are dard red, brown, which are colorful but not that exaggerating.

for fabric mannequin head such as Velvet, suede, or silk, linen mannequin head models, we do have. our most popular model is MIYA which is economy and has good display effects.

For the clients who have high budget, you could choose stacey which has velvet fabric which could be shining under the light, and a little big color changes from different light shadow.

if you are a retail wigs seller, you have some ideas on your store dressing, you could talk with us freely.



the manenquin heads do make the wigs stylish, and make the any client who walks into the store to get an idea if i put on this style wig, how it would like.

the mannequin head is the best sales person for your wigs whether you trust it or not.

we serve some other wigs retailers, but nobody uses as many mannequin heas as Rebecca.


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