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How to select the right dress forms fabric dress mannequins for in store display or window display?

Date:2018-05-29 14:16:07



In recent years, , and in some market, people call fabric mannequins or dress mannequins, especially in Asian markets such as Japan, China.

If you go to the shopping malls, you would find that more than 30% shops start to use the .

How to find the right for your stores? How many types dress form have? How could I know the difference when they look the same?

These could be the questions for some dress forms end users always have.

As a mannequins manufacturer and supplier, let jolly mannequins give you some clear ideas on the questions.

How many types dress forms have?

In market, there are plastic, plastic foam, and fibreglass dress forms which are supplied now from different dress form makers.

Plastic foam models would be more expensive from the Raw material side, cause you could use needles on the fabric dress form body.

Plastic is the cheaper, with PP material generally.

Both plastic and foam are eco friendly.

Plastic PP is the cheapest, and fibreglass is the most common cause the material also have its advantage, the Raw fibreglass is cheaper compared with foam. And the if you use the same fabric, from the final effect, you could tell the difference is that only the foam models you could use the needle on the body. And the other two models, you could not.

From the fabric aspect the dress form makers use are about 4-5 types.

1. Linen ( for the light colors models you see the dress forms in market, most of them are made by linen).

2. Cotton  cotton is not so popular these days, but in some markets, the distributors are addicted to the cotton. Cotton material seems elastic and soft on the dress form body.

3. Canvas  Canvas is thick and getting more popular.

Jolly mannequins supply 3 styles of Canvas for your selection.

The best part of Canvas is that Canvas would not shrink with the time going on. The canvas dress forms would look like exactly the same when we make them, and after several months you get them.

4. Suede  Chinese market starts more preference on the Suede models, cause for Suede, we could have colorful Suede material. Of course, for Suede, therere also cheap and expensive models. You could use hands touch it easily to know, the good one would be thick and look high standard on the dress form body.


We welcome all our clients and friends to check and talk with us about the dress forms.

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Hope that wit this blog, you could get some knowledge of the dress forms, and could find your favorite dress forms from us.


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