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Which kinds of custom services Jolly mannequins supply and how do they work?

Date:2018-06-08 17:42:11

                 JOLLY MANNEQUINS

On our website, the most mentioned thing must be the custom service we talk about which is our biggest advantage as a mannequins manufactuer that jolly mannequins has.

Most of our clients are not so professional on the mannequins production and must be wondering which kind of services we could supply when you buy more than MOQ we request.

1. Mannequins design and sculpt service.

As the No1, this service is the most expensive and only the clients who need big quantity and we mainly serve the fashion companies which have their own brands concept which they need use the mannequins to express the unique things and their products need special sizes.

With this service, we invent mannequins which doesn’t exist on market. You could show us the poses, the pictures, the sizes you want, we do the mannequins from the sculpt work to the final real mannequin which could stand in the store. It takes money and time. But we do for our cleints.

2. Mannequins rework

Jolly mannequins does have hundreds of models, but for sure, sometimes you like the mannequins body, but you want another head from other mannequins, or you want the mannequins from straight arms to be bending arms, all related to the mannequins bodies changes, we could do for you. As No 2, which it costs less money, but cause of the changes, we need make molds if we could not find the suitable arms, suitable hands, etc for the styles you want. We must rework and make new molds for the new mannequins.

3. some other mannequins surface or acceossies custom services



a. such as colors, most of the clients want their colors, definitely with 5-10pcs minimum order quantity for one model, you could easily have this service.

b. bases, the same as colors, if we sell to you, you do have the choices to select the bases we supply for your mannequins.

4. the more you communicate with us, the more and better services you could get from us.

Please kindly note the pictures, how we change the mannequins head with original mannequin to be a new fantastic mannequin in the Europeans stores window.


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