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Stock mannequins retail service starts from May 12 By Jolly mannequins

Date:2018-05-11 17:54:17

                          JOLLY MANNEQUINS



We feel sorry to the clients who selected the mannequins from our website before May 2018.

As a , we do not have enough energy to do the retail service for our clients, and most of the clients who check our website do need the retail service.

After long time discussion and preparation, we start a new category which could do the retail sale of the mannequins for our clients.

These mannequins would be popular in market, we do stock here.

For the clients, we could afford the shipment cost from china to your country, you could select your favorite mannequins from the category nowStock Retail Mannequins.

For the Asian countries clients, or even European ,American, you could click the following website to check the cost, if you need a reference on the shipment cost of the retail mannequins by ShunFeng express:  i choose the website for United kingdom. For your native language website, you could see the flat on the top right side, and put the mouse on it, you could see the choices for your languages. With that you could see different kinds of services Shunfeng supplies with different rates.

Mannequins package standard:

Male package size: 116*40*42  some ones:116*43*43

Female package size: 113*40*35 some ones: 116*40*42

Mannequins weight:

Male mannequin weight: 18-20kg

Female mannequin weight: 16-18kg

Torso or leg form weight: 10-12kg

Torso or leg form has different shapes which have different sizes.


All our wire mannequins and could be retail sold.

Welcome to enquiry.

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