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Jolly mannequins dress forms project for Naiise Singapore store

Date:2020-06-19 10:44:34

Jolly mannequins project for Naiise Singapore store

AS the sincere supplier of Naiise, we do different projects for the opening stores including the mannequins, the dress forms, and the other fixtures.

We already made two projects for Naiise in last year.

1. The first project is only the child mannequin dress form with the antique dress form neck, antique adjustable dress form base and the antique wooden flexible dress form arms.

2. The second project is more complicated cause this project includes the full body dress forms, and the bust dress forms, the necklace display dress form, and the mannequin head forms.

We use the natural linen as the fabric.

For natural linen colors of the dress forms, we have several choices which from the light to darker color.

A.The female dress form is originally from our fibreglass mannequin model Kally. In the new project, we made her with a natural linen egghead and a wire half upper mannequin torso. For the leg part, we still use the fibreglass black paint as you see on the picture.and the arms are the flexible painted black wooden arms.

B.The head forms are the most easier one which is only covered with the natural linen and match it with an antique wooden base.

C. The female bust dress form is with flexible black arms and for the base, we use the black matt powder coated round base for her.

3. If you want the same specifications for your store dress forms,  you could have 100% same models.

If you want different specifications for the dress forms, you could talk with us for the detail specs of the base, the fabric, the head,etc.

Minimum order quantity:10pcs/model.

If your order is less than 10pcs/model, the cost would be double.


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