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Could Jolly mannequins produce high fashion use mannequins?

Date:2017-10-26 11:48:09

Could Jolly mannequins produce high fashion use mannequins?

As a Chinese , we are always suspected whether we could produce and supply the high fashion use mannequins.

The answer is definitely YES.

How the mannequin would be which could be decided by several reasons.

a. Material--which kind of fibreglass fibre you use, and the other main materials we use for mannequins production.

The market is open and nobody has the secret on the mannequins material production.

b. Mannequins handwork--This is 100% decides 70% quality of a mannequin. How your mannequins workers and how your mannequins factory arranges the productions steps make you different from other mannequins factories.

c. Painting work-- same as point b.

d. Fittings

All our fittings could be customized with our clients request for their mannequins use products.

Most of the time, its not us who decide whether our mannequins could be high fashion, high quality or not, its our clients who produce. Good quality means more time hand work. Better quality also means better fittings use which the prices have big difference.

Different paint you use also decides how much the mannequin final price could be.

We do produce high fashion quality requirement mannequins with our clients request,with better material, better fittings, than our standard use.

OEM and ODM are both welcome by Jolly mannequins.

Welcome different clothing fashion brands to contact us for the high fashion mannequins with your design, or your ideas.