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3d printing Raw mannequins used for window display

Date:2020-05-12 21:18:30

3D printing is widly used in the designing fields, especially gives us more convenience on the mannequins design which you could easily change the different body sizes of the mannequins you want.

but 3D printing has more possibilities as we all know.

with the window pictures we take, we are amazed by the window design ideas with the RAW 3d printing mannequins torsos to used directly in the window.

as we all know, the 3d printing torsos are more economy than the hand made mannequins torsos, even if we do the extra hand made smoothing and painting work.

how much would you save if you use the 3d printing RAW products directly? 

and the window is not strange and become a catching eye art piece.

why don't you try it?

if you like the 3d printing mannequins, or you want to use 3d printing to have your own design mannequins, please don't hesistate to contact jolly mannequins.

your ideas on mannequins are always appreciated, especially at this special moment after covid-19.

Jolly mannequins team

May 12,2020

jolly mannequins 3d printing manenquins

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