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Jolly mannequins-Caucasian man gender realistic male mannequin with makeup, wig-JY-070

JY-070 is a male realistic mannequin with the face of caucasian male, european style makeup.


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JY-070 is the most handsome mannequin from my point of view among all the jolly male mannequins.
In recent days, realistic mannequins, especially realistic male mannequins are not so popular as before.
The market prefers more the egghead mannequins or the abstract mannequins with the fashion design face.
but if give a chance to select a male mannequin for my men’s wear brand, i must chose JY-070.
He has a relaxing mannequin pose, straight arms on two sides, and casual legs.
The make up is never outdated with her brown eyes, and the stylish eyebrows.
And we give him a brown wig.
 As a , if you don’t like the fleshone skin color, and we have other skin colors for your choice.
And for the wigs, makeup style, you could have your own ideas for your market.


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