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New design mannequins

Jolly mannequins-FW-1-A Changing Face mannequins with beech wood arms

FW-1-A is a new designed plus size female mannequin ,she is changing face with beech wood arms.


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FW-1-A is a new designed plus size female mannequin which has a changing face shield design.
to make the plus size mannequin look as classic as she could be, we make her with one pair beech wooden arms.
the beech wooden arms are with original color which we don't do any paint work.
for sure, our clients could have their own painting colors for the mannequins you buy.
we also suggest you to use the antique wooden arms with the paint.
the face shield the plus size mannequin has is also wooden effect which we use the water print technic.
the face shield of the mannequin really matches the wooden arms color.
square mirror chrome base is supplied with two fittings.
white matt color we use for the classic effect. you could also choose to have glossy effect or any other colors you want for the market.


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